Its time to enjoy your pet

Training Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

At In Total Command Dog Training we are dedicated to not only give you the skills to enhance your relationship with your pet, but to allow you the abilities to understand and enjoy your pet. When you finish any of our programs, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to continue having a fulfilling relationship with your pet for years to come.

Each program is designed as a six week course with each session lasting one hour. We conduct these sessions every Saturday.

Group Programs

​Beginner Program:

​​This foundational program is designed for pets and owners who have difficulty with basic obedience and behavior. Through this program, you and your pet will learn​:

  • ​Proper reactions to your dogs behavior, good and bad
  • How to read your dog and anticipate their behavior
  • Proper leash use and control with minor distractions
  • Basic obedience. Sit, stay, heel, down, stand and recall
  • Behavioral modification

Intermediate Program:

This program is designed for pets and owners who have the basic skills necessary to both manage and control their dog effectively on a leash but desire the same control over their dog from a distance. During this program you will build upon the foundational knowledge gained through our Beginner Program to learn:

  • Further development and enhancement of beginner skills
  • Gaining control of your dog from a distance
  • A better understanding of your dogs behaviors

Advanced Program:

This program is designed for pets and owners who have completed the basic and intermediate programs and have the desire to enhance their training skills. We will build on the skills previously attained and work toward off lead obedience and control. 

  • Complete on leash control under enhanced distractions
  • Development of off lead control
  • Gaining distance from your pet with control

Private Lessons

We also offer private lessons that allow our customers to get the same level of training without having to worry about bringing their dog into a group setting. If you worry about taking your dog out, but still need assistance gaining control of them, this is the solution for you. As a part of our commitment to enhancing your relationship with your dog, we will teach all of the principles from our beginner, intermediate and advanced programs.