Meet The Trainer

In Total Command Dog Training is built upon the theory that your relationship with your pet is based on trust and understanding. The better you understand your dogs needs and motivations, the more fulfilling the relationship will be. When your dog has a clear understanding of what your are asking of it through training and proper reinforcement, a bond supported by trust will be created.

The training staff will base its instruction on teaching each student how to properly read their dogs needs and have the ability to apply that to properly addressing the issues. 

What to Expect

A Word About In Total Command

Its time to enjoy your pet

Edward Rosenbloom

Ed Rosenbloom, Lead Instructor, has over 24 years of training experience. For 17 years, he was a handler and trainer for the San Diego  Police Department K-9 Unit. Ed has received training from agencies within Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the United States. He specializes in the area of aggressive dog behavior as well as general obedience. Ed works closely with rescue organizations to enable them to successfully foster the dogs in their care. This relationship has led to the successful reintegration of several dogs that would have otherwise been destroyed due to aggressive behavioral traits.  

A positive atmosphere.

Our training staff is enthusiastic and is dedicated to making your training a positive and fulfilling experience. 


Genuine concern.

The goals and expectations of the staff is to ensure your training experience is enjoyable and conducted is a safe environment.